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P&O Cruises now offer a selection of cruises that include the Caribbean island of Bonaire as a Port-of-Call.

The least developed of the Caribbean ABC islands (Aruba and Curacao are the others), Bonaire has many good reasons to protect its own extraordinary environment.

Bonaires Marine Park, which covers the coral reefs along the islands west coast, has a vast number and variety of fish, and snorkelling and diving amongst these colourful residents is a sheer delight. A more conventional national park spreads across the whole northern part of the island.

Originally plantations, this freshwater swampland is now home to pelican, parrots and geese. Pick of the islands beaches is called Pink Beach because of the attractive colour the coral has turned the sand.

A full list of the P&O cruises that feature Bonaire as a Port of Call can be found here:

Bonaire Cruises from P&O Cruises

P&O Bonaire Cruises also feature a fantastic selection of shore excursions. We’ve listed a few of the most popular excursions below. Please check the P&O Bonaire Excursions page for a complete list of current excursions.

Discover Bonaire
Discover the delightful mix of natural beauty that Bonaire has to offer, from a rustic landscape to a stunning coastline.

Enjoy a scenic drive along the stunning northern coastline, where you can marvel at the spectacular colour contrasts of the azure blue Caribbean sea. The rustic landscape is adorned with Candelabra Cacti, and the famous Divi Divi trees can also be seen in this area.

The natural reserve of Gotto Lake, considered by many to be the most beautiful spot on the island, is where you may be lucky enough to glimpse the shy pink flamingo. You’ll continue to Rincon, the oldest settlement in the Netherlands Antilles, dating back more than 500 years. Enjoy a short stop at the Washington National Park to visit the museum and cultural centre.

As your journey comes to an end, you’ll pause at Seru Largo, which offers a fabulous panoramic view over Kralendijk and Klein Bonaire.

Mangrove Boat Tour
Enjoy a tranquil cruise around the eco-area of Bonaire’s remarkable mangrove reserve.

Experience the interesting Mangrove Eco Centre, where you can learn much about the delicate environment and the plentiful wildlife.

You’ll board a unique solar-powered boat and your informative guide will enlighten you with his extensive knowledge of the fascinating mangrove reserve, nursery and coral reef. Have your camera at the ready as you look out for the interesting inhabitants of the mangrove while you cruise gently by.

Afterwards, you may wish to visit the small shop and purchase a souvenir of your visit.

During your tour you will be offered a refreshing complimentary water or juice.

Mangrove Kayaking
This unique adventure takes you through Bonaire’s peaceful and tranquil mangroves.

After a short drive you’ll arrive at the Mangrove Eco Centre, declared a ‘National Park Preserve’ by the Bonairean government. Visitors can only enter with an experienced nature guide, who will accompany you and provide a fascinating insight into the inter-relationship between plants and animals in this area.

Take a fascinating kayak tour through the mangroves eco-system. You’ll glide through bird habitats and fish spawning areas on your ‘sit on’ ocean kayak. The kayak provides an ideal mode of transport in this beautiful and tranquil environment, as you manoeuvre with ease through the mangrove shallows.

Afterwards, you may wish to visit the small shop to purchase a souvenir of your visit.

Discover Scuba
Learn a new skill and see the incredible marine life of Bonaire, which is renowned the world over.

There is no better place than Bonaire to try diving for the first time. Enjoy an underwater adventure in Bonaire’s Marine Park, rated as one of the top dive destinations in the world. This trip takes you one step further than snorkelling and provides you with a guided dive in shallow water.

After an orientation, you’ll learn how to use scuba equipment before going on an actual dive just minutes from the quayside on Chachacha Reef.

Scuba Experience
For those of you who are certified divers, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Bonaire is rated as the number one Caribbean dive destination.

Enjoy a one tank boat dive to 2 sites, which includes a 15 minute extended check-out dive, and a dive at an alternative site.

Mushi Mushi Fun Sail
Set sail for a wonderful trip around the Bay of Bonaire enjoying the warm sun, cool breeze and inviting waters.

Sail away on board the beautiful Mushi Mushi 40-foot catamaran for a fun-filled trip within the Bonaire Marine Park. Whilst on board you’ll enjoy a perfect day of sunbathing and swimming, smooth sailing and incredible crystal clear waters. Be sure to remember your camera to capture the beauty of the remarkable Bonaire coastline.

Soak up the rays on board, or cool off in the inviting Caribbean Sea. Make the most of your time within the Bonaire Marine Park by donning some snorkel gear for a close up view of the colourful marine life and marvelous coral formations.

Whilst on board you can enjoy a complimentary refreshment of rum punch, soft drink or beer.

Double Dip Snorkel Trip
Take in two of Bonaire’s best snorkel sites and see for yourself why this is one of the world’s top diving destinations.

Enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the local snorkel vessel; the Seacow – it’s a ‘moooving’ experience! Your capable and friendly crew will take you to 2 very different snorkel sites in the Bonaire Marine Park. Marvel at the vast variety of fish and assortment of corals as your guide shares with you the special wonders of the protected reef.

Bonaire is famed for its unique marine park and this snorkelling trip is best suited to those with previous snorkelling experience. Delve into the incredible clear waters to discover the fascinating underwater world.

During your tour, you’ll be offered refreshing juice, soft drinks and rum punch.

Land Sailing Adventure
With steady year-round trade winds and excellent weather, there is no place like Bonaire to experience the thrill of land sailing.

Experience the fastest growing eco-sport on the longest land sailing track in the world!

No sailing or previous skills are necessary to have fun with the ‘blokart’. You’ll be given a full induction and your experienced instructors will teach you how to sail the blokart landsailer in less than 10 minutes. This is your chance to be captain of a blokart landsailer on the beautiful island of Bonaire.

Race against your blokart buddies on the purpose-built land sailing track. You’ll have around 1 hour of fast-paced excitement and adrenalin rush on these nippy little blokarts.

Relax with a refreshing drink after your fun activity.

Samur Sail, Beach and Snorkel
Experience sailing on board an authentic, hand-carved 56-foot Siamese sailing junk.

You’ll board a small rigid inflatable tender boat for the short transfer out to the ‘Samur’.

Set sail and glide smoothly through the Caribbean waters as the large red sail hovers gently above in the breeze. During your sail, the captain and crew will share their knowledge of the history behind the Siamese sailing junk. You’ll also discover the fascinating facts of the reef as you head towards the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire.

Upon arrival to Klein Bonaire, the tender boat will transfer you to the beach where you have the chance to snorkel, swim or simply unwind on the pristine white sand.

Once back on board ‘Samur’, complimentary rum punch, soft drinks and a platter of tropical fruits will be served as you enjoy a leisurely return sail.

East Coast ATV Experience
Prepare to discover the ‘wild-side’ of Bonaire on this exciting off-road adventure by All Terrain Vehicle.

After a short instruction and safety briefing, you’ll leave Kralendijk and head off to the east coast of Bonaire. En route, you’ll experience the rugged terrain of Washikemba Reservoir, so keep an eye out for wild donkeys, goats and iguanas. Enjoy a short stop at the Spelonk Lighthouse, the easternmost point of Bonaire.

The adventure continues to one of Bonaire’s many caves, which are home to the Bonairean bat species. An exploration of the cave will reveal these delightful insect-eating creatures.

The return journey will take you through the area of Bolivia, taking in views of the ocean, before heading back to Kralendijk.

Goto Lake Biking Adventure
Cycling the north of the island is the perfect way to capture the unspoiled beauty of Bonaire.

Just a short drive away from the ship is the cycle activity centre, where your bicycle will be sized to your height and a safety briefing given. Once fitted with your helmet and supplied with a complimentary bottle of water, it’s time to head out onto the open roads.

Your guide will take you north to the most scenic routes, and onto the beautiful inland salt lake of Goto. You may be lucky enough to catch sight of the blush of the pink flamingoes reflecting from the water. During your leisurely ride, your guide will explain interesting facts about the flora and fauna of Bonaire.

A stop will be made at the Dos Pos Well to enjoy complimentary soft drinks before continuing to the charming village of Rincon. Upon arrival, you’ll leave your ‘two-wheel-partner’ behind for the return drive back to Kralendijk.

Bonaire Shore Snorkel
Enjoy a guided shore snorkel in the world famous Bonaire Marine Park.

After a short drive, you will arrive at the snorkelling location where a short briefing and lesson will take place. Don your snorkel equipment and follow your experienced guide into the world famous Marine Park of Bonaire.

The protected reefs have some of the greatest varieties of fish worldwide and you will be amazed by the combination of colours. Discover the sheer beauty that lies in the underwater world of Bonaire.

After your snorkel, enjoy a cool refreshment before returning to the port.

Bonaire 4×4 Adventure
Capture the beauty of Bonaire on a 4×4 Land Rover Adventure.

You’ll be met at the pier by your 4×4 driver guide, and after a short introduction of the tour you’ll set off in your Land Rover jeep.

Your journey will take you along the south coast through Belnem and on to the salt mountains. Here you can take in lovely views and you may be lucky enough to see some of the islands pink flamingos. Your guide will also provide some interesting facts on the salt production in the area.

Afterwards, you’ll continue to Willemstoren Lighthouse and enjoy a photo stop, before heading to Sorobon Beach, famous for its windsurfing. A soft drink refreshment will be served, before your journey takes you along the rugged east coast of the island. Experience spectacular views, giant cactus trees and look out for wild donkeys and iguanas along the way, before returning to the pier.

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Bonaire Shore Excursions from P&O Cruises

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